Newsletter of the St. Clair Amateur Radio Club

PO Box 94, Belleville, IL 62222

January/February 2005

Club Repeaters:147.120+ / 224.120- / 444.625+


Upcoming Meetings

††††††††††††††† January 27 and February 24 are the next two club meetings.Election of officers is coming soon.


Crime Desk

A reward of 500 microfarads is offered for information leading to the arrest of Hop-a-long Capacity. This un-rectified criminal escaped from a Weston primary cell where he had been clamped in ions awaiting the gauss chamber. He is charged with the induction of an 18 turn coil named Milli Henry who was found choked and robbed of valuable joules. He is armed with a carbon rod and is a potential killer. Capacity is also charged with driving a dc motor over a Wheatstone bridge and refusing to let the band- pass. If encountered, he may offer series resistance. The electromotive force spent the night searching for him in a magnetic field, where he had gone to earth. They had no success and believed he had returned ohm via a short circuit. He was last seen riding a kilocycle with his friend Eddy Current who was playing a harmonic.


Interference Issues (Non-BPL)

CNN recently reported that some military bases are switching their communications equipment over to some new frequencies.These frequencies have always been allotted to the military for their use, but they have also been used on a low-power secondary basis unlicensed basis by things like garage door openers.There have been some reports of garage door openers failing to function or malfunctioning in areas surrounding bases that have converted to the new frequencies.No information was available about which bases may be switching but you may want to be onthe lookout for interference in the event that Scott AFB makes the change.Apparently the military will work with owners of affected garage doors but you will need to contact the base with your interference complaint.


Internet Files

An interesting new service has been made available on the Internet.It can be found at www.dxtuner.comThe service streams audio from various receiver sites from around the world.A variety of different receivers, antennas, and band focuses are available from FM broadcast to shortwave to VHF to amateur.The service offers a free signup where a limited number of tuners are available and a paid subscription which gives access to many more tuners from around the world.An interesting use would be to hear how your propagated signal sounds from various locations around the globe.As you might expect, the demo tuners can be crowded and only oine person can tune at a time.Please read and be aware of the rules of proper dxtuner etiquette.Your editor experienced some rude behavior on his first try of the system by a user who couldnít be bothered to be polite.While this seems to be a symptom of todayís society, letís not give non-hams an adverse view of us.



Ham-Com is June 3-5, 2005 in Arlington TX.www.hamcom.orgwill host the ARRL West Gulf Div. Convention.


Contest Calendar

Feb 6 0000Z-0400Z North American Sprint SSB

Feb 14 1300Z-Feb 19 0100Z School Club Roundup all modes

Feb 13 0000Z-0400Z North American Sprint CW

Feb 12 0000Z-Feb 13 2400Z CQ Worldwide RTTY WPX Contest

Feb 19 0000Z-2400Z ARRL International DX Contest CW

Feb 26 1800Z-Feb 27 0600Z North American QSO Party RTTY



††††††††††††††† Mark Thurman, KC9CXV has put out the call for volunteers who would like to showcase ham radio at this yearís Boy Scout Camporee April 9, 2005 in Shiloh.This eventís theme this year is Homeland Security related.Any hams who would like to demonstrate any ham radio modes, especially those involving emergency comms or digital modes like PSK should contact Mark, Bob KC9AEC, or Mike KB9WQJ.