Hamfests are going strong and a number of our members recently returned from their annual pilgrimage to Dayton where opportunities abound to buy anything related to ham radio, and brochures and forums can add to the knowledge of even the most experienced hams.Your editor missed Dayton, but did enjoy taking in the Missouri State ARRL Convention at Lebanon on May 4th.The multipurpose area of the Lebanon Civic Center was well populated with vendors and individual sellers; however, there appears to be lots of room to expand and I hope it does, because this is a great facility for a hamfest.What did make this hamfest above many others, was a full day of worthwhile forums.They included MARS, emergency communications, DX, antique radio, 10-10, an ARRL session and much more.Keeping this in mind I want to promote the nearby Egyptianfest coming up in our area June 9th.Like so many in our area this fest needs a better draw, but the organizers are working hard to make it better and this year, forums are available to include an ARRL session, contesting, amateur television, digital communications and emergency communications.Give this one a shot with your money, trade goods and a willingness to add to your knowledge of our hobby.


The ARRL field day this year will be the weekend of June 22nd and 23rd.Your club will again offer the enjoyment of participating in this great summer time event in the 2A category which means there will be phone and cw stations available.Field day operation follows a contest format for making QSOs, but its real purpose is to practice and demonstrate the set up and operation of amateur radio as needed in an emergency communications situation.The activity also offers a wonderful opportunity for those new or wanting more experience in HF operating to get on the air and make QSOs.To help in this operation, the club plans to activate a special phone get on the air station which is a bonus point producer for 2A participants.Extra class control operators are on duty at all times so any class license can participate on the air.If you got into ham radio to talk on the air, there is no excuse not to make it happen with field day.

The clubs field day set up will start at 9:00am Saturday the 22nd.On the air operation starts at 1:00pm and ends at 1:00pm Sunday.The location for the club activity is at the home and businesses of Marlyn and Terry Thorne at 522 N. Main of Shiloh just north of I-64 and east of OFallon.Park in the Muellers Antiques lot and join the fun.

Guests are welcome and encouraged to take in the clubs participation. Food and drink will be furnished by the club throughout the event for participants and guests.Point of contact for set up and operations is John, WA0LIS and for refreshments, Red, WA9MGX.


Norm Baetz, W0KME, has been enjoying ham radio since 1951 and became a member of our club in 1999.His QTH is an elevated location with space in Hecker.Enviably this means he can have an antenna system for operation on all bands.At the present time Norm has a three element tri-bander for HF and another array for 2-meters.An assortment of wire including a 17-meter half square rounds out the HF antenna systems.Equipmentin the shack includes for HF a Kenwood TS-570D and 600 watt amp, and for VHF, a Kenwood TS-700SP and 75 watt amp.For mobile he has the Kenwood TM-261A.Norms operating interests include ragchewing and particularly regular schedules with friends in Iowa and Texas.His emergency communications interest and participation provides valuable coverage at the southern edge of St Clair County.Aside from the challenge of new antenna configurations and maintaining what he has, Norm is focusing on expanding his 160-meter capability and chasing the DX on that band.With his location, space and experience, he should do well on 160.


The clubs repeater system maintenance team has been hard at work to find the gremlin that has plagued the 2-meter machine.The problem is apparently in the antenna system.

Until replacement parts are received and a climber scheduled, the receiver will be run with the squelch quite tight.At the May 30th club meeting $350 was approved to replace the antenna and transmission line.Several members have volunteered to climb the tower to do the replacement and a climber will be scheduled when the parts are received.


Rain or shine your club demonstrates the willingness to help out community activity with support communications.All committed operators showed up in bad weather to support the WalkAmerica which was declared rained out at the last minute.Kurt, N9PYM always does a super job coordinating this event for the club.The Shriners parade had a wonderful clear day for their event.Eleven club operators on site and W9RQR monitoring and relaying through his home station provided great communications support for the parade.Well done to all the participants including three that were new to the parade support and a big thanks to Jim, N9HZD for organizing the clubs participation.


Welcome to new club member Mark Causey, KB9ZQN of new Athens.

Our Treasurer, Bob, WA9TUG has moved.Send dues and changes in membership status to his new address at 5 Seven Iron Ct, Belleville, IL 62220.

The club got great coverage of our fox hunting activity in an article on the subject on page 30 of the May CQ magazine.

The MS 150 bicycle ride in Missouri will be September 14 and 15.Ham radio operators are needed for check points and support vehicles.Contact is Mike Musick, N0QBF.

The June club meeting will work after action items from field day.In July a presentation on CPR will provided by Skip AA9ZV.Remember club meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month.

VE sessions for St Clair County are the second Tuesday of each month.For information and a reservation contact Ted, K9HUH at 233-1313 or 235-6152.Sessions are only held if at least one reservation is made.

Need a schematic and/or directions for just about anything electronic?Try http://www.

Club members Skip, AA9ZV and Ed, KA9HDY are in the process of opening a ham radio business in Caseyville.They will be a source for many equipment, accessory and repair items.They will be called Midwest Amateur Radio Supply and when opened, their number will be 344-6263.