Our club is indebted to the strong leadership provided by our departing president, Charlie, N9BPK.

Much happened during his two years of leadership.We had a lot of activity and significant growth in membership.However, Charlie calls it a privilege to have been able to serve and he passes along the following:I want to thank each and every member for their assistance and cooperation in helping to make my two terms as president so enjoyable.I owe much to the officers who served with me.Their many ideas and support made my job much easier along with the dedication of meeting their officer position responsibilities.A special thanks to Paul, WB9IGB for energizing our activities which I feel was very instrumental in making our meetings more interesting and a huge reason for our membership increase.Also a special thanks to Tom, W9TJ and his repeater maintenance crew for the expertise and many hours devoted to keeping our repeaters on the air.Congratulations to our new president, Bob, KC9AEC.Continue your strong support for him to lead and to reach the goals he has to improve our club.


Make this years ARRL Field Day the 28th and 29th of June part of your ham enjoyment and service experience.While following a contest operating format, it is not a competition.Rather it serves as an opportunity to work as many participating stations as possible using a variety of bands to maximize propagation, and to operate in abnormal situations under less than optimal conditions.In addition to an operating challenge and fun, this is an emergency drill where station equipment is moved to the operating location, antennas are erected and emergency power is used.Also, field day can be a great opportunity for any class of license new to HF to get on the air experience and fun.Last year our club was a 2A participant (separate ssb and cw stations) and we did well in the number of stations worked; however, it was done with a small crew of operators.An eager and sufficient crew showed to set up and tear down, but prior commitment has not been pushed to equitably cover the operation of two stations.Some operators during darkness exceeded a reasonable shift long before a relief operator showed.This year we need that operator commitment or a scale back in number the of stations used and/or a reduction in operating hours must be seriously considered.At the May 29th club meeting, a favorable vote was given to a 2A entry for 2003; however, only three cw operators were identified.If that figure is not at least doubled, the hours of operation for the cw station will be limited.So commit now to make field day a part of your activity this year, and a time to promote our hobby, learn emergency set up and operating skills, have fun and socialize.Final field day planning will be at the June 26th club meeting.

This years club field day will again be held at the home and businesses ofTerry and Marlyn Thorne at 522 North Main of Shiloh just north of I-64 and east of O’Fallon.Park in the Mueller’s Antiques parking area.Set up for field day will start at 9:00AM Saturday June28th and the operating period runs from 1:00PM Saturday and ends at 1:00 PM Sunday the 29th.Food and drink will be provided by the club.


A club sponsored hidden transmitter fox hunt is scheduled for 8:30AM on July 12th.Teams need to show up at the Mel Price Park in Swansea at 8:00AM for the 8:30 start.There is no entry fee and teams will decide prior to the start how they want to reward the winning team.Food and drink for the event will be provided by the club.Also, if there is interest, a tailgate swap activity of ham items could be included.


Ted Wilhelm, K9HUH has been aleader in our club for some time.He coordinates the clubs volunteer exam program.He started and continues to organize the annual technician license class session sponsored by the club.Ted promoted and conducted programs generating interest in fox hunting and contesting.He is an organizer and doer in making public service activity happen and publicizing amateur radio.Now, to helpthe continued success of our club, Ted has gone a step further and has taken on a “formal” office as our activities manager.Ted first became a licensed ham in 1959.His early operating interests and participation were guided by his father, Gene, W9RSY and brother, Fred, W9RSZ, now silent keys.Both entered the hobby in 1951, and were very active with our club in the beginning years.During the mid 80’s Ted’s operating activity developed a strong interest in chasing DX and contesting.As a contester he has enjoyed several clean sweeps in the ARRL Sweepstakes and significant scores in the variety of ARRL and CQ DX contests.His current DX entity count is 301 worked and 293 confirmed.Ted and his XYL Joyce, N9STL, have a great rural ham operating QTH south of Belleville.Plenty of room for a seven element tribander and wire antennas for 160 and beyond.Also, with most of the items on site, there are plans for two more tower erections.The heart of the primary station equipment includes TS 870 and TS 930 transceivers, and an Alpha full limit amplifier.Further, there is lots of other equipmet for fixed and mobile HF, and fixed, moble and portable vhf and uhf.While Ted uses ssb and some rtty, by far his favorite mode of communication is cw.Ted’s willingness to give back to our hobby has significantly enhanced development and growth of amateur radio in the metro east.Our club is very fortunate that Ted’s dedication continues to focus on our great hobby and service.

PS:In 1993, Ted had the pleasure of helping his XYL get a license, and as N9STL, she rapidly advanced to extra class.N9STL was featured in the SCAN member spotlight in 1998 and a number of operating accomplishments were noted.Since that time, Joyce has worked all US counties twice and is closing in on a third time around.She now has the 5 Band WAS, and her DX entity count now stands at 301worked and 291confirmed including North Korea.


Our club came through again with this years public service support to the WalkAmerica and the Shrine Parade.Kurt, N9PYM well organized and expertly headed up the WalkAmerica communications support, and Kurt thanks WA9MGX, KB9UEF, KB9WQJ, KB9BGY, WA9TZL, W3LSA and KC9AEC for their outstanding participation.Jim, N9HZD again spearheaded the clubs well executed support of communications to the Shrine Parade.Thanks for a job well done go to Jim and the supporting cast of WA9IUF, KB9UEF, KC9DZC, W9BP, KB9BGY KC9AUJ and WB9IGB.Also, a special thanks to W9RQR for always being available during these events to provide a link to fixed Government communications systems if needed.


Welcome to new members Kevin Quade, KC9DZC of O’Fallon and Brian Chapman, N9NOC of O’Fallon. .

Our 2-meter repeater system duplexer and harness are in trouble; however, innovative adjustments have minimized user impact.At the May 29th meeting, repair and replacement options were discussed.Both options will be expensive and the membership asked that a firm cost be pursued for a replacement.

The popular Zero Beaters Hamfest at the Washington, MO Fairgrounds is July 20th.The St Charles ARC Hamfest is moving to the St Charles American Legion Post 312 and is on August 24th.The big Peoria Superfest is September 19th, 20th and 21st and is located at theExposition Gardens Fairgrounds.Now, read this again and get it posted on your calendar and enjoy the fun.

VE test sessions are available the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM.A reservation is required to have the session scheduled.For information, contact Ted, K9HUH at 233-1313 or 235-6152.

The ARRL and the Federal Department of Homeland Security have negotiated a Statement of Affiliation.Primarily the statement gives amateur radio a role in the formation and training of the Federal Governments volunteer Citizens Corps.Also, the statement includes provisions for raising the awareness of amateur radio as a public safety resource.