Newsletter of the St. Clair Amateur Radio Club

PO Box 94, Belleville, IL 62222

July/Aug 2004

Club Repeaters:  147.120+ / 224.120- / 444.625+


June Meeting

                The June meeting was held June 24.  There was a discussion of Skywarn/ARES/RACES net operating procedures.  A committee was formed to investigate how we can better provide communications for emergencies including a search for an understudy for Ed Matysik W9RQR (or WC9AAE when wearing the RACES hat).

                The program’s topic was the Metro-East Search and Rescue Team (MESAR) presented by Eric Bennett and Ted Lohr N9WDS.


Field Day

                ARRL Field Day for the club was once again held at Mueller’s Antiques.  The weather was wonderful and the club made many QSOs.  Our claimed score is 3376 with 447 CW QSOs and 394 Phone QSOs.  As you might expect for this point in the solar cycle 40 meters was the money band both on Phone and CW.  Your humble editor checked the ARRL web site where scores are available only as far back as 1997 and within that time-frame, this is a high for the club.  Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed in any way since it could not have been done without you.  Taking part in Field Day were the following club members: Charlie N9BPK, Lou KB9UEF, John WA0LIS, Larry K9OI, Red WA9MGX, Aaron KB9HYY, Terry KA9YZS, Marlyn KA9ZAV, Chris KC9AUJ, Tom W9TJ, Mark KC9CXV, Kurt N9PYM, and Mike KB9WQJ.


BPL News

                In Cedar Rapids, IA W0SR has succeeded in getting Alliant Energy’s BPL trial shut down early.  The trial was to run until August or September but was stopped on June 25.  The project leader acknowledges that the interference complaint was factor but was not the “overriding factor”.

                The United Power Line Council, a pro BPL industry consortium, has urged the FCC to ignore “armchair amateurs that still use vacuum tube transmitters” and…listen to the real experts on BPL. 

                Your editor will continue to report on news in the BPL arena as long as this misguided technology continues to be a threat to the amateur radio service.


Member Highlight

                One of our club members was featured in an article in the Belleville News Democrat.  Mark, KC9CXV along with his two brothers were showcased for his brother Joe who is helping to rehab a house for a low income family for his Eagle Scout project.  Brothers Mark and Tim are helping him and he will help them when the time comes for their projects.  Way to go guys!


ARES Committee

                The newly formed (as mentioned above) ARES Committee will meet with Mr. Bob Knight (St. Clair County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Communications Officer) on July 26th.  The members of this committee are: W9TJ, N9PYM, AA9ZV, KC9EIZ, and KB9HYY.  Thanks to them for making their time available for this purpose.



                Aug 7 0001Z to Aug 8 2359Z  10-10 International Summer Contest SSB

                Aug 7 1800Z to Aug 8 0600Z   North American QSO Party CW

                Aug 21 0800-1400 local time  Missouri State Convention at the National Guard Armory in Columbia  $4

                Aug 21 1800Z to Aug 22 0600Z North American QSO Party SSB

                Aug 22 St. Charles ARC Hamfest at the American Legion Hall in St. Charles, MO   $2/$3

                Sep 4 0000Z to Sep 5 2400Z All Asian DX Contest Phone

                Sep 11 1800Z to Sep 13 0300Z  ARRL September VHF QSO Party