There is a change in how we gather to meet at the Fairview Heights Red Cross.We are now using the front entrance on 10218 Lincoln Trail and parking should be in the lot on that side of the building.If for some reason you end up parking behind the building on Meckfessel Drive, do it along a curb.DO NOT BLOCK RED CROSS OR POSTAL VEHICLES.The next club meeting will be August 29th and the program makes you the presenter through show and tell.Bring a ham related item that is important, unusual or historical to you.If you are new to the hobby and haven’t yet accumulated or built a special item, still come and enjoy the presentations.The September program will be a presentation by Bob Heil, K9EID.His Heil Sound products probably participate in more world wide DXexpeditions than any other commercial ham item.Remember club meetings are held the last Thursday of each month.The only exception is when a formal change is made to avoid a holiday conflict.


Field Day 2002 produced both good news and news of concern.Therefore, this report contains a lot of editorial.The weather was ideal, and the QSO count and total score were very favorable compared to the last several years.We had 432 phone and 344cw QSO’s, and with these added to 700 bonus points , the total score was 2920.Last year the total score was 2974 which placed just above the upper half of 2A participants and we should see a similar ranking for this year.Now for the concern.Operator participation was much less than should be expected from the size of our club.Only 15 members showed up at the site and participation varied from only an observation of activity to doing single operator shifts up to seven continuous hours.Even though the club has helped to license a number of new hams who have in turn joined the club, only two showed for Field Day.Set up and tear down of the site was totally accomplished by members who had plenty of experience with the task from previous years.While prepared to activate a GOTA station for inexperienced operators, it was not placed in service because no one for that category showed an interest to operate at the start of the event.Field Day is a time to promote our hobby, learn emergency set up and operating skills, have fun and socialize.Hopefully all these opportunities were in place and if so, we need to ask why participation was limited.This year the club did not insist on who would commit to show and at what times for Field Day.Next year we need that up front and depending on the level of response, I see the following options for the clubs participation in Field Day 2003.(1) Not participate.(2) Do a daylight only operation and focus on operator training.(3) Participate as 1A using the same station for phone, cw and operator training.(4) Fully promote and take advantage of a 2A operation.That said, now back to the strengths with thanks to the following who brought all the equipment, facilities and support together for the clubs Field Day activity: W9TJ, WA9MGX, WA0LIS, WB9IGB, KB9UEF, K9HUH, KA9ZAV and KA9YZS.


Harry Church, W0KXP of Lebanon, has been licensed since 1956 and a club member off and on since the same time frame.Changes in membership status track with times living in the area and activity on the ham bands.In addition to many hobbies that include ham radio, travel, private pilot, historical preservation, scouting, antique radio and photography, Harry has pursued varied and overlapping professional endeavors including publisher, editor, journalist, author, correspondent, printer, and college professor.He got hooked on electronics through the father of a friend who was an instructor in the Air Force communications-electronics courses when they were taught at Scott AFB.That helped him get licensed in time to enjoy the growth and heavy use of the novice bands in the 50’s.Through the years, Harry’s operating interests primarily center on just having fun getting on the air and making contacts using SSB, SSTV and 2-meters.He found that being on the air is not always easy to do when lightning finds your station.That experience led to setting up a new station over the past year, and providing very interesting background and reading on lightning in Harry’s newspaper, the Lebanon Advertiser.Harry’s access to the printed media has made a big difference promoting the pleasure and contributions of our hobby.Great to have Harry back in the club and on the air, and thanks for all the publicity for our hobby.


The nagging problem with the 2-meter repeater system was corrected on July 20th.A work party headed by W9TJ set out to replace the antenna, but instead were able to repair a connector at the antenna.In addition to that good news we now have a spare antenna should that part of the system become a problem in the future.KE9BE did the climbing, and N9BPK and KC9AUJ rounded out the party.Thanks to all involved and thanks for the attention given to our clubs outstanding repeater systems.


Check out phone sweepstakes results in the July 2002 QST.On page 92 the club stood out in the local category of the affiliated club competition.Club members participating have their individual scores in the Illinois column on page 95.Thanks to K9HUH for organizing and submitting the club results.

The ARRL has received a Federal grant of $181,900 to train hams in emergency communications operations.The need for operators is part of homeland defense planning.This need and the dollar figure are good information to cite when taking on antenna restrictions.

VE testing in St Clair County is available for scheduling on the second Tuesday of each month.A session is held if at least one reservation to test is made.For information and reservations, contact Ted, K9HUH at 233-1313 or 235-6152.

Thanks to the Lebanon Advertiser and the Belleville News Democrat for publicizing Field Day.

Remember Mallo’s Pastries for their many years of providing complimentary pastries for club events.Take your business to Mallo’s.

Thanks to Midwest Amateur Radio Supply for their donation of transmission line and connectors for the Field Day antennas.

Donate your time, blood and money to the American Red Cross.The clubs long association with the Red Cross is a valuable communications response resource in the metro-east area.

Thanks to all that provided information to make this newsletter possible--W9BP, editor.