The show and tell meeting program in August produced six volunteers and was well received.Harry, W0KXP captivated the audience with an account of the use of a Millian Varion VFO to protect transmissions during WW II.He did so well with his presentation that he was called on in September to pinch hit when Bob Heil canceled because of short notice overseas travel.Harry brought his early receiver projects from the 50ís and gave a great account of building and using the devices which got him going in ham radio.

The October meeting program will be on contesting in preparation for club members to participate in the ARRL SSB Sweepstakes on November 16th and 17th.Individual scores from home stations are added together for a club submission.

The November meeting WILL BE ON THE 21ST due to Thanksgiving falling on the last Thursday.The program for the November meeting is still being worked.

In December there will be a club holiday dinner on the 12th at Eckerts Country Restaurant, 951 S. Greenmount Rd, Belleville.Arrive by 7:00 PM and order from the menu.Bring a guest and enjoy holiday fun.


The club is planning to sponsor a license class on Saturday December 7th.If there is sufficient interest, the class will start a 8:00 AM at the Douglas Grade School, 125 Carlyle Ave in Belleville.A review and VE test session will follow the next weekend on the 14th.The class will use the ARRL video instruction materials, and club instructors for discussion and review.Now is the time for those interested to start studying a technician license study guide available locally at Radio Shack stores.This is a great opportunity to get folks started in our hobby.Spread the word!For information and reservations, contact Ted, K9HUH at his business 233-1313 or at home 235-6152.


Len Peak, N9HKG, first became interested in ham radio while working in a MARS station during an Army tour in Korea.With that exposure, he got his ham license in 1988.Being a ham, Len is in the enviable position of enjoying our hobby while making a living.As the operator of an over the road 18 wheeler he enjoys the company of an Icom 706 MK IIG in the cab.This transceiver combined with an Outbacker mobile antenna system gives his signal a good boost.While on the road Len enjoys rag chewing including spending a lot of time on the 20 meter National drivers frequency of 14305.5KHz.Lenís home station includes XYL Jan, N9NJW, the 706 MK IIG transceiver and a Mosley TA-33-JR tri-bander beam for an antenna system.Also, if ever needed at home or on the road, Len has a 600 watt solid state amplifier.Other operating interests of Lenís include WAS, some DX, 10-10 and a goal to work the Islands on the Air (IOTA) program hard.Also, while at home he enjoys working old friends and making new friends on area 2-meter repeaters.Lenís work schedule usually keeps him away from club meetings.So to catch him to learn more about his on the road ham experiences, look for Len on the repeaters or at area hamfests which he and his XYL often frequent on the weekends.


First off your editor needs to correct last newsletters repeater news.While the old 2-meter system antenna was repaired, it was removed for a spare and the new purchased antenna was installed.All club repeater systems continue to be up and running; however, for the 2-meter system there is 60 cycle interference primarily in the early evening.Several times it has been so severe the system was temporarily shut down.W9TJ has a couple of volunteers and a 5 element beam, provided by WA9MGX, that will be equipped to try to pin point the cause.Finally, our repeater committee has been advised that a Missouri repeater on 147.05 MHz input has been relocated to within our 2-meter systems coverage.Our committee will give conditional coordination approval provided any problems found being the relocated repeaters responsibility to fix.


Welcome to recently signed up members John Sullivan, KE0YI of Belleville and Gordon Anson, WB9TGB of Fairview Heights.

The ARRL Central Division web site has been established at site includes a newsletter, a link to the W9 QSL Bureau site and the Central Division State SCM sites.

VE test sessions are scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month.A session is held if at least one reservation to test is made.For information and reservations contact Ted, K9HUH at 233-1313 or 235-6152.

Pat Ryan, KC6VVT of Tonica, IL has been appointed as the new Emergency Coordinator for the ARRL Illinois Section.

Farewell to Ralph Branstatter WB9VFD who is on his way to a new QTH in Florida.

Itís not too early to start thinking of paying annual club dues.Full member dues have been the same for many years and are a real bargain at $25 for individuals and $30 for families.Pay at club meetings or send to the treasurer, Bob Thurgood, at 5 Seven Iron Ct, Belleville, IL 62220.

Know of a need in the emergency business that needs lots of backup power?Harry, W0KXP, was contacted that there are used 60KW and 100KW units available.Information on the units is through Larry Newsom at 632-6856.

The SCAN is published six times a year and distributed during even months.SCAN distribution is made from the treasurers membership listing.When you renew this years club dues be sure any change of address is included.

Our club has had a long association with the area American Red Cross.They provide a place for us to meet.We provide a resource for emergency communications, and through our classes, we have trained and licensed many Red Cross volunteers.Support the Red Cross with donations of money and hours.

Thanks to Malloís Pastries for their continued support of our club by providing complimentary deserts for monthly meetings.

Remember club business meeting dates of October 31st, November 21st and December 12th.November and December are changes from meeting the last Thursday of the month.Mark your calendar now and see you at club meeting.